HR Skills™ Best Practices Certificate

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The HR Skills™ Best Practices certificate includes modules that are completely online and self-paced, which provides the most flexibility in completing the curriculum. No prerequisites are required for this HR Skills™ certificate. Modules include engaging videos, assignments, exercises and review checkpoints.

The learner must complete all modules associated in order to receive their badge and completion certificate.  On average, students complete the certificate in 17 hours, each module is approximately 2 hours in length (average completion time, actual time may vary).


Part 1: HR Skills™ Coaching course and exam

Part 2: HR Skills™ Progressive Discipline course and exam

Part 3: HR Skills™ Performance Evaluation and SMART Goals  course and exam

Part 4: HR Skills™ Conflict Resolution course and exam

Part 5: HR Skills™ Handling Difficult Conversations course and exam

Part 6: HR Skills™ Communication and HR course and exam

Part 7: HR Skills™ Leadership and HR course and exam

Part 8: HR Skills™ Problem Solving course and exam


  • Summarize the GROW model for coaching
  • Explain the SMART technique of goal setting
  • Explain the relationship between SMART goals and performance evaluation
  • Describe how HR professionals can implement and support progressive discipline
  • Describe the role of HR in conflict resolution
  • Describe strategies for resolving and mediating conflict
  • Apply communication strategies to your work in HR
  • Identify HR's role in strategic planning
  • Explain how HR leads change within an organization
  • Express HR's role in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Identify how HR fosters talent and leadership development
  • Recognize the importance of HR in ethical leadership
  • Define values-based leadership and explain how it works
  • Demonstrate critical thinking when solving problems
  • Apply the five steps of problem-solving to real-world HR issues